Study Abroad for your university degree

Have you thought about studying abroad for your university degree? 
Did you know that you can study in English in non-English speaking countries in Europe?
Did you know that level of education in Europe is high but the cost is low?

Located in Belgium, in the heart of Europe, EN EuroEducation offers a guidance counseling service, specializing in universities in Continental Europe (27 EU members + Switzerland), to help you discover yourself and find the right university for you, where you can learn, challenge and maximize your potential!

Let your journey begin…

Stay Safe, Stay Strong – A Message from us in the EU

People from the EU countries got together and share their words of encouragement in their own languages (with English subtitle)! Stay safe, stay strong, and stay united – we will get through this together!

Let’s make the first step to Europe!

If you are interested in learning more about the option to study in Europe, feel free to contact us! The first consultation is offered for free!