The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) leads students to responsibility and respect for the environment in the interest of the sustainable life of future generations. This approach plays a crucial role in today’s global situation, where natural resources are depleted at an alarming rate, and the biodiversity of our planet is seriously threatened.

CZU is located in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, on a modern green campus. The park-like setting of the campus includes several buildings of the six faculties, dormitories, library, sports centre, canteen, restaurants and clubs.

We are the largest university in the Czech Republic offering a broad range of study programmes and courses in various fields in both Czech and English (science, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, computer science, humanities, social sciences, physiotherapy, law, education, economics,

Being member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences, it is one of the leading European universities focusing on life sciences, especially forestry, environmental sciences, agricultural sector, sustainable use of natural resources, management and informatics, technology and regional development. CZU achieves excellent results in prestigious international rankings (THE, QS, AWRU, US NeWs BGUR). It is also rated as the most sustainable university in the Czech Republic.

In 2018, the CZU received institutional accreditation, which proves that the university meets all quality assurance standards.


Czech University of Life Sciences Prague offers the following 3-year English-taught Bachelor’s programs.

Admissions Requirements

  • High School diploma
  • English language proficiency

📖 Some faculties require interviews and online admissions test. Prospective students are advised to visit the website of the respective faculty (please see the list above) to see what the specific admission requirements are.

Application Deadlines

January 24 (Application opens on October 1)
Environmental Data Science / Environmental Engineering

March 31 (Application opens in November)
Agriculture and Food / Agricultural Engineering / Economics and Management / Forestry / Informatics / *International Cooperation in Agriculture and Retail Development (2 + 1 round) / Sustainable Use of Natural Resources /

June 15 (Application opens in November)
Business Administration

Application Fee

500 CZK (Approximately 20 EUR)

How to apply

Each program has a different application procedure. Please CLICK HERE for details

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on programs. Please see the list below. If you want to study in Czech language, it is free. Please note that the tuition is paid in CZK so that the amount indicated vary based on the currency rate.

  • Agriculture and Food: 3,200 Euro / year
  • Agricultural Engineering: 3,120 Euro / year
  • Business Administration: 1.280 Euro / year
  • Economics and Management: 800 Euro / year
  • Environmental Data Science: 400 Euro / year
  • Environmental Engineering: 400 Euro / year
  • Foresty: Specialized in Forest Ecosystems, Protection and Silviculture: 1,000 Euro / year
  • Informatics: 800 Euro / year
  • International Cooperation in Agriculture and Retail Development: 320 Euro / year
  • Sustainable Use of Natural Resources: 3,200 Euro / year


  • CZU Prague does not offer full scholarships as the study programmes are already subsidized by the government to provide affordable tuition fees. However, the university does offer merit and accommodation scholarships. You can find out more about these HERE. At some faculties, students may also get a tuition reduction based on their grades.
  • Faculty of Environmental Sciences: Start-up scholarship –  to support qualified international students financially during their first semester, only for newly admitted students, the support is 4,600 CZK (approx. 181 Euro)/month for maximum of 4 months, approximately 20 students can receive this scholarship, selection criteria and more information HERE.

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