Join our “Study in Europe: MEET THE UNI” which takes place from October 13 – 19! This is a unique mix of a fair and marketing opportunities to meet the students which you haven’t been able to reach yet!

Why should you participate?

1) Your institution stands out!

I’m an IEC who specializes in universities in the EU countries & Switzerland, so this fair is all about Europe! However, this time, I cast a spotlight on 4 chosen countries so your institution will definitely stand out.

2) Audiences are the hidden gem and will be well-prepared to meet you!

Not many universities in Europe visit Japan. Even if they do, they visit only international schools in big cities. Did you know that there are many other Japanese schools with an international flair (i.e. IB schools, Regular schools that offer English-medium curriculum)? Because almost no universities visit these schools, students have no idea that you, European universities that offer English-speaking programs, exist. Isn’t it about time to get to know each other?

Furthermore, because students do not have experiences with fairs or are not yet familiar with European countries and its higher education system, a series of webinars (i.e. Study in Europe 101, Country briefings) will be available to students and parents as part of pre-educational sessions.

3) Not only Japan but also the rest of the world (High traffic and leads anticipated)

Invitations will be sent via my network of high school teachers and global-minded parents in Japan as well as via my contact at the Ministry of Education in Japan, social media channels, and also with my counselor colleagues via the IECA and IACAC network.  This means, although pre-educational sessions are for Japanese audiences, your university will be discovered by students and parents from all around the world. And, you will get the email address of everyone who has registered for the fair (Following GDPR, I will get the permission from students/parents at the registration).

4) Less manpower required

Knowing that October is the busy recruitment season and it’s not always easy to have even one staff available for a one-day fair, we want to offer something that does not require too much of your time commitment.
All I ask universities is:  

  1. to send me the information about your university (i.e. English-medium programs you offer, admissions requirements, deadline, tuition, pictures, intro-video, etc.) for me to create a dedicated webpage
  2. to provide me the time slots that you can make yourself available to have a one-on-one meeting with the student

I will take care of the rest.

5) A win-win result for everyone

As much as I care about students, I also want the universities to get good ROI. To make sure, I conducted the focus group with the network of school teachers in Japan. I also had meetings with several recruiters to get their opinions about what they expect from the fair. This fair is planned based on the output I got from these 2 groups (and some of my 2 cents as a former recruiter).

6) At last but not least – THE DATA

According to the Ministry of Education Japan, a total of 254,432 students studied abroad in 2018. However, 77% of students went for the exchange program or short-term program mainly because they believe going abroad for degrees costs them 30,000 Euro per year or more. This wrong perception is established due to the lack of resources and due to many agents who introduce only high tuition universities in the US, UK or other English-speaking countries. These students do not know that you exist. Students are looking for universities which offer high quality education at affordable fees where they can study in English. If you offer that, please join us!

Fee: 400 EUR (No VAT to be added)

The intention of this event is to provide the opportunity for students to discover the options they didn’t think they had and to inspire them, and also for European universities to present themselves to the audiences they’ve never met before.
The fee for this one-week long event is to cover the following items:

Pre-Educational Session
– Study in Europe 101 webinar
– Country Briefing Webinars (Study in XX)
– Tips on “How to make the most of attending a fair”

* Webinars will be given in Japanese

Dedicated webpage per institution
The web page is to provide information, which students always ask, at a glance (i.e. programs offered in English, admissions requirements, tuition, etc.). You can also have your intro video, pictures, downloadable brochures, and upcoming Open Day information. 

Digital Marketing
The event will be promoted via several different and unique networks to make sure that we have a good number of students and parents participating.

* A RSVP form can be crated for you unless you already have your own online appointment system and would prefer to use it.

Registration is closed. If you wish to participate, please contact Miwa Kitamura at