When it comes to studying in Europe, you have many options but each university is different, and the admission process can be complex and time-consuming. That is why we strongly recommend that you start collecting information well in advance. 

It is ideal to give yourself 9 – 12 months as a preparation period, from collecting information, applying and getting accepted into a university, to getting ready (student visa, housing search, etc.).

You can still apply to a university when you have less than 5 months, but keep in mind that your choice will be limited, as many universities have early application deadlines. 

Part I: Counseling & University Search

Guidance counseling at EN EuroEducation is not just about talking to you as a student and proposing  universities. We take our time to understand your personality, what you want to learn, and what you need to study in order to have a career in the field you’re interested in. 

We then analyze all the information and create a list of universities which meet your  criteria.  This process requires not only time but also a high level of expertise.

Step 1: Initial meeting

The first consultation is designed to get to know you as a student and to hone in on your objectives. We will also look at your student transcript.

Step 2: Personality test

We ask you to take a personality test to help you see yourself from different perspectives. Together with the first meeting, this is an important step for counselors to understand each student and then guide them in the best possible way.

Step 3: Mind mapping

In order to find a best-fit university, we go through a “mind mapping” phase.  During this exercise, we ask you  to put out all your ideas, aspirations, concerns and emotions in any order, and then put every factor in the right order. This will help you make your goals clear so you can  come up with a plan to make it happen.

Step 4: Customized Research & University Listsv

Based on the results from Step 1 to 3, we will check universities in 28 European countries and identify the ones which meet your criteria.

Step 5: Briefing on selected universities and departments

We will share the university search results and go over each proposed university in detail, so you have a chance to ask questions and get the clarity you need.

Step 6: Decide on universities to apply

We finally help you decide on which program(s) and at which university(-ies) you are going to apply to.

*The process of Part 1 consists of thorough counseling and communication between the counselor and the student. This also includes unlimited Q & A via email when students have any questions.

Part II: Admission Supports

After you decide which universities you will apply to, we will set up another meeting to explain the admissions process and also to discuss a strategy to get an acceptance letter.

The Admissions support includes the following:

1. Help with application form

Support students with the application and admission process of the university they have selected. This process can take a few months, depending on the requirements of the selected universities.

2. Set timelines to navigate application process

We will check what kind of documents universities you have selected require, and then, we will crate a schedule to navigate you with the whole process based on the application deadline date.

Some universities require prospective students to do an interview and/or their own written exams. We can also help you with scheduling an interview as needed.

3. Help with personal essays and interviews

Most European universities require you to write essays on a given topic as part of an assessment. Some universities may require you to send a resume as well. Unlike in Japan or few other countries, there is no template that you need to use for your resume. Some universities also request a personal interview as part of admissions process in order to learn more about students’ personality, motivation and presentation skills. EN EuroEducation will help you fully prepare for upcoming essays and interviews.

4. Advice on the final decision

If you are accepted by several universities but cannot decide on which one to attend, we can also help you make the right choice.


Unless you graduate with a full IB diploma, in most cases, you’d need to submit an English language proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS.  Depending on the program, SAT can also be one of the requirements. If you need help in this area, EN EuroEducation can refer you to experts who can help you bring up your score.

Fees & Payment

Services & Fees

We offer our support at the reduced fees considering the financial crisis some families are facing.

Who is eligible for a reduction?: Students who have a strong will to study abroad for a Bachelor’s degree.

It is very disappointing if you have to give up on your option to study abroad because of the financial problem. We can help you find a great university with an affordable tuition and can also help you find a scholarship. For more information, please contact us (serious students only).

Individual counseling (60 minutes)150 EUR
Personality test 300 EUR
Mind mapping 300 EUR
Research on universities
Research on scholarships
Best-fit university list
Brief on selected programs and universities
Support on selection to apply 
3 target countries: 1000 EUR
5 target countries: 1500 EUR
10 target countries: 2000 EUR
All 28 target countries: 2800 EUR
Contact universities or governmental organizations when needed200 EUR
Schedule management300 EUR (200 EUR from the 2nd schedule)
Application supports400 EUR per application (*the same rate applies when applying to several programs via one application platform. Otherwise, 300 EUR from the 2nd application)
Support with an essay (brainstorming, proofreading, etc.)400 EUR (300 EUR from the 2nd essay)
Support with an interview (brainstorming & mock interviews)200 EUR
Support with CV100 EUR per cv
Visit to selected universities on behalf of the student & provide reportsTravel expenses + 500 EUR
Unlimited Q & A100 EUR per month

*EN EuroEducation is founded and registered in Belgium. The fees are therefore charged in Euro.

Full Support: 5000 EUR

The full support walks you through from the very first counseling till you decide which university you will attend. The full support package includes:

  • All supports mentioned above
  • 4 additional 60-minute counseling
  • Application support up to 5 different programs
  • Visit to selected universities & provides reports
  • Provide networking opportunities with students at the university which they wish to attend

To get the most out the full support package, we recommend you to start university preparation a year before you start university. We can also support 10 or 11th grade students in the longer term (i.e. throughout their high school year) and the fee would remain the same.

Half Support: 2000 EUR

Students, who do not need support with applications but only with counseling and university search, can go with the “Half support” option. The Half Support package includes:

  • 1 x 60 minutes counseling
  • Personality test
  • Customize Research on universities & Scholarships out of 5 countries (you need to select 5 countries out of all 28), Best-fit university list, Brief on selected programs and universities, Support on selection to apply 
  • Unlimited Q & A via email, LINE or ZOOM for 2 months


By TransferWise or by bank transfer. 
Please note, any wiring fees need to be covered by the student.  

Why does EN charge fees whereas others offer free counseling?

Many organizations or companies that offer free consultations are “agents” who work on commission. They can offer free services because they get paid by universities they partner with for referring students. EN EuroEducation is not an agent, we are totally independent and we don’t receive any money from any universities. 

We follow the Code of Ethics of IACAC (International Association for College Admission Counseling) and provide guidance counseling in the best interest of the students. Our goal is to help you  discover yourself, find your best-fit universities and get accepted. 

The fee is paid in two installments (deposit & upon completion)  but in some cases, we accept installment payments.